Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favorites

1.  I ran out of my bronzer that I bought last year so I headed to Ulta to get another.  I stumbled on this one......
.....hard to tell from the pic but it's not orangey at all.

And the best part is that it smells like milk chocolate. Oh my.  Yum-O!!

2.  A while back, I mentioned that I love my Naked Palette 2.  But that set is pretty big and sometimes it's harder to travel with if space is limited. I found this little guy and it's the perfect size.

3.  I absolutely love my Young Living lemon oil.  Love.  Obsessed.  It's good stuff.  

4.  Sweet boy starts a new position with his same company on Monday (thank you Lord.....huge praise) so he had Thursday and Friday off.  We got to shop and have lunch and play while the boys were at school.

5.  Shawn bought me a new laptop back in the fall and I didn't have a cute case for it.  While shopping today, he bought me this precious laptop case.  Love it!

6.  Super excited about the Big Berkey.  No more yucky fluoride in our water.

Have an awesome weekend!!

1 comment:

Karen L. said...

Love this post. Am praising the Lord with you for Shawn's new position, too! The pic of you two is so precious. Such a pretty shot of you both. :) So grateful for all He's blessing you with despite the sorrow, too.