Monday, April 14, 2014

Oily Stories

I'm still busy plugging away with our Young Living essential oils.  I'm having SO much fun learning and sharing with others.  So many of you have joined me and are getting some pretty impressive results.  I had a few people over the weekend ask me for more information on them.  Please click "email me" at the top screen and send me a message.  If that doesn't work, please leave a comment with YOUR email address.  I will read that but I will NOT publish your comment (my comments only get published once I view them and see that they are appropriate. I will delete your comment once I get your email address so that it is not public info)

I just wanted to share a few things with you that we've experienced lately:

My sweet Hudson.  11 years old.  Pre-puberty.  He inherited my oily skin.  He prefers to wear his hair longer.  Those 3 are a bad combination for his skin.  His forehead is really starting to break out. I had read that Purification oil (in the starter kit) is good for acne.  The second picture was taken 4 days after starting to use it.  I have him take his shower at night and wash his face real good.  I apply purification on his forehead before bed and this is how it looks now. Amazing!!  Can't wait to see what it looks like in just 4 weeks.

I may have already shared this on here before but this is my "sickness tea" that I make if we start to feel sick or run down.  You could even drink it as a preventative too.

Sickness Tea:
* heat a mug of water in the microwave
* add 2 spoonfuls of raw apple cider vinegar
* 1 spoonful raw/local honey
* 1 drop thieves oil and 1 drop of lemon oil
* stir and drink

(thieves is such a great oil.  It kills 99.96% of the yucky stuff in the air and in our bodies.  Lemon is great for colds and fevers)

We also make a Thieves spray to have on hand.

* add 12 drops of thieves
* add 5 drops of peppermint
* add 2 drops of lemon
* add water
* shake well before using

(thieves has clove in it which is great for numbing the throat.  This is such a lifesaver when you have a sore throat or even strep.  The peppermint will open up all of your sinuses and it's also a great fever reducer.)

So great for aches and pains.  All of these oils are in the starter kit.

A month or so ago, Hudson opened his car door and hit the mirror of the car next to us. (I checked and the other car was fine)  It left this black smudge on  my door.  I tried to scratch it off but it looked as if it was part of the paint.  It would not come off.

I poured a few drops of Young Living orange oil (I could have also used lemon) on a dry wash cloth and started rubbing.

Within just a few seconds the smudge was gone.  And my paint was perfect.

This was taken by a friend of mine.  Her son has horrible eczema. 

Just a few days of using coconut oil and Young Living lavender oil.  Such a huge difference!!

My mom came to visit and her dog had a tick on it's neck.  We tried to pull it off with tweezers but it wouldn't budge. We also knew that most times when you do this, part of the tick stays in the animal.  We put a drop of Young Living purification oil on the tick and within let go and we pulled it off....still fully in tact and alive.

My skin tag that I removed.  (we have removed a few now) I used Melrose but you could also use Frankincense (in the starter kit) as well.

I made this nasal spray the other day because I was stopped up and my sinuses hurt.  LOVE this so much!! (make sure you use distilled water) I found the pink salt at a health food store and had both of these oils from my starter kit.

This is seriously the best $150 I've ever spent.  Ever.

You can safely treat over 130 things with just these oils alone.  It pays for itself when you are not missing work, not paying a copay at the dr office and not filling an expensive prescription.

If you are interested:

Click "member sign-up" in the top right corner Choose "wholesale member" (because customer makes you pay retail) Use my number 1497619 for both the enroller and sponsor ID Fill in your personal information Create your username, password and pin (please write these down and keep in a safe place) Pick your starter kit- you will choose the first option- the premium starter kit with diffuser ($150) On the optional Essential Rewards kit....choose no thank you (unless you want one) Enter payment info Before clicking submit, you have the option to add other products if needed (message me if you have specific issues and I can recommend oils if they are not part of the kit) You are finished!!

**** I will still send you the reference guide book that is SO helpful. You search by issue and it tells you exactly which oil to use.


Lana Reynolds said...

My son uses a nasal spray prescription daily. Will this nasal spray you talked about be able to be used daily for allergies too?

Jennifer said...

Yes, this would be perfectly fine to use daily! We also use the LLP (lavender, lemon and peppermint) combo often for my youngest son's allergies and they work wonders!! Love my oils. Let me know if you want more info :)

Lana Reynolds said...

Very interested! Didn't realize I ever got my comment to post! What about acid reflux????

Jennifer said...

Lana, email me so that we can discuss further. Yes, Shawn puts a drop of peppermint in a small glass of water and this takes care of the acid reflux. So amazing!!