Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm Still Here

This kid has been on a "I'm-gonna-wear-a-belt-with-everything" kick lately.  And did I mention that it's waaaaay too small? I'm pretty sure he does this to annoy me.

Sweet boy still being a sweet boy.......always brings me flowers.  I'm a lucky girl.

If you haven't experienced the awesomeness of raw Apple Cider Vinegar then google it to see all the things you can do with this.  We always have it around and use it often.  Just this week, I've told 3 people about how this will take pink eye away.  Just put it on a cotton ball, rub over closed eyelid several times a day and it will be gone.  No dr visits. No meds. Love this stuff!

I ran into Walmart the other day and spotted these little wine cups.  Sweet boy and I love Shark Tank and this was one of the companies on there.  So I was intrigued and bought one.  Not the best wine ever but definitely doable.  Would be great for a picnic or pool day or something like that.  I do like the convenience of it.

Hudson's school had a band night a few nights ago.  The kids get to go into the gym and look around at all the instruments and see which ones they might want to play for next year.  6th grade is when band starts in our district. What stinks is if they don't start in 6th grade......they can't ever do it.  Hudson wasn't over the moon excited but he was willing to go and try.  I am forcing encouraging him to give it a try.  He can always quit after the first year if he doesn't like it. I would just hate for him to miss out on that and then never get a chance to jump back in. (plus, he is my kid that doesn't get excited about much of anything.  I'm pretty sure he's still convinced he will get paid to build Legos and defeat Clash of Clans)

He decided on the trombone.  He's got nice, long arms.

Something came over me this last weekend.  I decided to clean out the refrigerator.  I don't mean just toss a few things out. I mean pull everything out and wash down the shelves and drawers and all that kinda clean.  Looks awesome!  Now, we just need to get some food back in there!

This boy is definitely the spice of life. Crazy kid!!

One way to ensure a nice, quite car ride home from school?.....purchase some new books from the school book fair and have them waiting inside for them when they get inside.

Happy Hump Day!


Karen L. said...

Thanks for the cute kid pics and recommendations, too. You're a blessing, girl. Glad y'all are fine.

Jenni Raygosa said...

I have a bottle of that vinegar in my panty- not sure if it's the one with mother. I'll have to check.
We "encouraged" Courtney to do band in 6th grade. It was the best decision ever. She was hesitant at first but she absolutley loves it. She is now a junior in High School and is part of the Marching Band (she plays clarinet). It's truly her passion. It brought her out of her shell a little too. Emily is a freshman and plays trumpet. She is not as passionate as her sister but she loves Marching Band. It's been a lot of fun being a band parent. So proud of both of them. It doesn't come easy, it's a lot of work but totally worth it! Good luck!I hope he decides to give it a try!

Jenni Raygosa

motherofthree said...

Anything you would recommend for stomach boils? I am using thieves on them now and purification.

Jennifer said...

Those are 2 great oils!! Stay consistent with it!!

Laura Drury said...

Great pics! Thx for sharing!

Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

We just had our first experience with 6th grade band here too. The options they gave for instrument rental/purchase were ridiculous. I sought out another band teacher who recommended Taylor Music. The offer rent to own programs with no interest and the ability to trade up before the end of your contract. A great place to start if you don't know if it will stick. And if it does stick you haven't wasted money on interest. Good luck! Practicing is always hard in the beginning but they like it more as they learn to play better!