Sunday, December 8, 2013

Icecation 2013

Thursday afternoon, the temps started dropping and it started sleeting.  I'm so glad I had the forethought to make a grocery run and stock up on food "just in case" because we've been iced in ever since.  

The other day, Cronko brought the boys reindeer poop.  They thought that was so funny!

On Friday, the boys wanted to head outside to play but it was completely ice.  And ice isn't as fun because you can't build a snowman or make snowballs.

Tossing the football for a bit.

Cronko didn't like the boys having all the fun in the snow so he tried to make his own snow angel. (and didn't accomplish this very well)

This morning he colored a nice picture for us.

Today the ice started melting a bit and turning slushy so we decided to get out and brave the roads.  They really were not that bad.  Cabin fever had definitely set in so it was nice to have a change of scenery for a little bit.  We ate lunch and went to the grocery store....thankfully we stocked up because I just found out that school is cancelled tomorrow.  Good times.

Cooper trying to make a snow angel.  No luck.  Pure ice.

I feel kind of guilty after seeing all my friends post all their sledding pics on Facebook.  We haven't been out that much and I haven't really pushed it.  We will be having fun in the snow in about 3 weeks from now so I've enjoyed being cozy and lazy inside.

This afternoon, we came back inside and started making cookies.  Sort of a "cook-off" between sweet boy and myself.  Him making chocolate chip and me making oatmeal.

I had to bite my tongue in so many ways......with him not measuring correctly and doing things waaaaay different than I do.  But, we had fun anyways. :)  Look how he arranges the cookie on the cookie sheets?  Ugh, my OCD almost can't handle it!


Jennifer said...

Laughing at his cookie sheet! I hate working with my hubby in the kitchen. You are a brave wife! Who had the best cookies?

Jennifer said...

His actually DID turn out better. I used a new recipe and it was a bit dry for my liking. Tasted good but next time I will reduce the amount of oats. :)

amberdawn said...

Oh my goodness! That last part is cracking me up!!!