Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Getting Oily- Treating the Sickies

Sometimes even our best efforts don't keep us from getting sick. So here are some things we do and use during that time:

1.  Lots of rest.  This sounds obvious but sometimes getting sick is just our bodies way of telling us to slooooo down.  

2.  Stay hydrated.  The best thing to drink is lots and lots of water. Stay away from gatorade and sports drinks.  In the event that you do need something other than water, go for a natural/organic coconut water.  Yum!

3.  Avoid sugar.  Did you know that sugar depresses the immune system?  And when you are sick and your immune system is already down.....sugar is the last thing you need to eat or drink.

Have you used any products from Boiron?  I get mine at Sprouts or Central Market but some people have told me that Target carries it too.  I love these products because they are homeopathic, safe and have no side effects.  Boiron makes a lot of products and here are 2 we have at our house right now.

The oscillococcimum is great when you see your child with flu-like symptoms.  They also make an adult version too.  They have another called Cold Calm and it's good for basic cold-type symptoms. What I love is that these come in little pellets that I pour into their mouth and they suck on them until they dissolve.  So, no one has to be a pro at swallowing pills.

They also make this great honey cough syrup.

When we are sick, we do more of the same.  Meaning that we just bump up what we are already doing.  So I would use Colloidal Silver and Elderberry more often during times of sickness.

Find a saline rinse to have on hand when noses are stuffy.  Neti pots are also good too from what I hear.  I have one but can't bring myself to use it.  I'm nervous that I'll take a big breath and suck all that water in.  I'm weird like that.

These little guys are probably my favorite thing that Boiron makes.  You can find a homeopathic remedy for just about any ailment or issue.  These are the main 3 we keep at our house.  

Spongia Tosta- is for the croupy cough

Belladonna- is for high fevers or infections (really sore/red throat or pain in ear/infection)

Calcarea Phosphorica- is for those awful leg/growing pains

Fevers- well, I'm getting better with this one.  I've never been a big fan of giving or taking Tylenol to reduce fevers.  I do know that fevers are not necessarily bad.  In fact, it's a way for our body to naturally heal itself.  However, fevers.....especially high ones, make me nervous.  But I have refrained from giving those over the counter meds and learned to focus on keeping my little patients comfortable instead.

Did you know that peppermint oil and lemon oil are fever reducers?  I put a drop or 2 on the spine and rub it in real good.  Viruses tend to make themselves cozy there so this helps bring the fever down.

When I'm feeling yucky or run down or have a sore throat......I always make my sickness tea.

Fill a mug full of water and heat it up.  Add 1-2 teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of raw honey.  Add 1 drop of lemon oil and 1 drop of Thieves (which is highly antiviral and antiseptic) and drink.  It feels soooooo good and makes me feel better.

If Cooper gets an ear ache.....I make a homemade garlic oil for it and that usually helps. (if the oil alone doesn't work then I give him Belladonna pellets as well.  Also, having your child chew some tough gum helps work that fluid out)

I really hate when my kids are sick.  (probably even more than being sick myself!)  But I'm so thankful to have lots of good options out there to assist us when we feel yuck.


Matt and Kristen said...

I have never heard of some of these. My little two year old started the cough today. I need to see if target carries this. I would like to get the spongia tosta. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

I for sure have never seen the blue pellets at target. I was told target carries the flu and cold ones tho (in white box with orange wording)

You will probably have to go to whole foods, central market or sprouts for those. Or, order from their site or amazon possibly? Good luck ;)