Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Getting Oily Part 2- without oils

I mentioned yesterday that using oils to stay healthy is just part of the equation.  

SOOOOOO much of our health depends on what we eat.  Seriously.  Please stop feeding your kids McDonalds and nuggets, and Cheetos, and Coke or any type of carbonated soda. Pretty please.  (you can click on those links to read just a little on each of them)

It baffles me that people will ponder and question natural type products but then they don't think twice about the junk they eat or serve their family.  I promise you, if you put half the amount of thought and time into researching what is in your food......you would for sure change what you eat and drink.  Now I'm going to jump in here and tell you that we are not perfect.  Have my kids had a Dr. Pepper before?  Yes, but mostly with their Mimi and Grammy (ha!  I had to throw them under the bus on this one)  Have my kids tasted a Cheeto?  Yes. But I don't regularly buy these products and you will never find them in our cabinet here at home.  I get it though......life happens and you will often find yourself in situations where you may not have as much control over what your family is eating.  I get that.  But if you are careful with the time that you CAN control then your family's health will be much better off.

I learned a long time ago that if I don't buy those products then I'm not tempted to eat them.  And my boys can't ask for them.  What a battle it would be if I had a 2L of Coke in the fridge but didn't want my family to drink it much and every time they opened the refrigerator they saw it and asked for it.  When I say no, I'm the bad guy.  So, I just don't buy it and I don't set myself up for that scenario.

Eating healthy does take organization and time and money.  It's much cheaper to eat like crap.  It's sad but true.  You need to read labels and educate yourself on what ingredients are and what they do to the body.  This is a complicated process and not one that can happen in a day.  I started this huge overhaul about 7 years ago and I still don't feel that I know everything.  

Eating healthy can often be inconvenient.  You may have to become a crazy lady like me and pack a huge ice chest and bag full of food when you travel to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving because you know that when your kids want a snack or need to eat breakfast and lunch that it will be almost impossible to find healthy options in small town OK so it's better if you just bring our own.  True story. (and sweet boy shakes his head and just loads it in the back of my SUV)

This process can feel very overwhelming.  Don't beat yourself up. Start small.  Start by no longer hitting the McDonalds drive-thru, don't purchase that bag of Cheetos and drink water instead of Coke.  When I first started.....my goal was to remove all High Fructose Corn Syrup from our diet.  It's trickier than it may sound.  HFCS is in almost everything and it especially was way back then before some companies started leaving it out!  We've had to swap out organic poptarts for the regular ones......we drink coconut water instead of Gatorade, etc....  But it can be done.  Don't purchase products with food coloring.  Shop the perimeter of the store.  Basically, start eating fruits and vegetables and lean/organic meats and eggs and beans.  You kids will resist at first.  But over time, they will adapt.


People often ask me what other products we use as just our overall daily wellness regimen.  Here is what we use each day:

Find some good vitamins for yourself and your kids.  First off, if your kids take Flintstone vitamins.....then stop.   Read here to see why.  But your doctor recommended them?  Yea, well.....you will learn real fast that they will OFTEN give you misinformation.  Once again, sad but true.

We look for vitamins that are from Whole Food sources and don't have the added junk or colors.  

Dr. Mercola has a good one
This site offers several good options too

My boys are currently taking these and also the greens.  I get mine at Sprouts and they often run a 25% off on some good brands so I try to get them at the discounted price.

I try to consume 1-2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar a day.  Get the raw/unfiltered kind with the "mother."  Local/raw honey has great health benefits and can help with seasonal allergies.  I put honey in our smoothies or on my boys' peanut butter sandwiches.

Take a good probiotic every single day.  Google them or read here to see the health benefits.  Lots of issues start in the gut!

We take a teaspoon of elderberry every day.  You can buy it or make your own.  I also spray 15 sprays (and 30 for us) of Colloidal Silver into our mouth/under tongue for overall immune building and support.  You can read about the benefits of colloidal silver here.  

Whew!  I know that's a lot of information.  I hope it's been helpful and not overwhelming.  Again, baby steps.  Any changes you make will be positive and worthwhile.  I have a couple other things that I've read about lately that I want to get and try for our family.  So, it's always continuing to learn and improve and make good changes.  I am still learning too.

Sooo, our main factors in trying to stay healthy are eating good, taking good supplements and products that build the immune system, and using good essential oils.

Do you have any good products that you take that I didn't mention?


Jane said...

Thanks for this information. I love reading others opinions because there is so much to learn. My husband and I overhauled our diet about six years ago and neither of us has been sick in over five years. I know it's because we take care of ourselves, we eat well, drink a ton of water or iced tea everyday, take an assortment of quality supplements and we wash our hands religiously. Good health can be achieved and so I'm glad we've been proactive, because we're self employed and our health insurance premium tripled. Thanks again for your efforts.

Dawn said...

Hi Jennifer,

Love the Oil information!! Quick question for you...I have really struggling eith Dry Eye Syndrome for about a year and a half in both eyes. It is horrible and affects my work (medical records). I have the excessive tearing that accompanies Dry Eye Syndrome. Do you know if any of the oils would help me? I looked at the site and didn't see anything, but thought I would ask you directly since you have had experience with them! Please email me at ddugic@neo.rr.com. I truly appreciate any help that you can provide!

ps. I also have allergies that do NOT help my eyes at all!! Itching, redness, tearing...got it all!

Kellie said...

Juice Plus+!!!!!!