Thursday, February 4, 2016

Friday Favorites

Its been a while since I've done a Friday Favorites post.  Here is what I'm loving right now:

1.  Lula Roe-

If you can find a rep in your area, I highly recommend that you check them out.  They have THE softest leggings ever.

They have long shirts that pair perfect with the leggings......they have dresses and skirts and cardigans too.  It feels like you are wearing pajamas!

A couple of weeks ago when I got together with my sweet friend, Amy, from college.....she had a couple fun presents for my 40th birthday.  I am in LOVE with this stacked ring.

3.  Homeland

We didn't start watching this when it first we've been power watching it and are finally caught up.  Can't wait for the next season to start.

4. Instant Pot-

I mentioned the other day that I got one of these recently.  Sweet boy actually got this for me for Valentines Day.....except he doesn't really want me to tell people that.  He thinks its dumb to get your wife an appliance for a holiday.  But it's what I wanted so it's fine.  It's my new BFF.

I've used it almost every night since I got it.  Easy pot roast......

A whole organic chicken....what used to take me hours and hours....took about 25 minutes.

Fresh pinto beans.....

Homemade mac and cheese.
I've made potato soup and beef stew.  It's super easy.  And now that I am not afraid of blowing up my kitchen....I'm feeling more confident with it.

5.  Young Living - Premium Starter kits.....on sale!

In the month of February, Young Living is offering 10% off their premium starter kits.  So you get all this awesomeness for $144 instead of $160.  To sweeten the deal, I am offering an extra $25 off to cover your tax and shipping.  As always, I mail you the reference guide book (that tells you exactly how and what to use) and I add you to my private FB page that has over 3200 members in it.

To order, go to
Click on “Register Now”
“Member" is already pre-selected so that you receive 24% wholesale pricing. (Starter Kits are only available for Members.)
Select “I was referred by a Young Living member, and I have his or her member number.”
Enter my member number 1497619 into Sponsor ID & Enroller ID.
Select USA & English, Click next.
Fill in your personal information, Agree to terms. Click Agree & Continue.
Be sure the “Premium Starter Kit” is selected and scroll down to click on“Enrollment Checkout”, unless you want to add items to your cart. If you wish to add items, click “add to cart.”)
Select Shipping Information.
Enter Payment Information.
Complete Purchase & You are FINISHED!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fixer Upper and Instant Pot

Last week,  I did some traveling for my oil classes.  On my last night, one of my good friends from college came and met me in Waco.  We had a fun shopping and lunch day.

Do you watch HGTV Fixer Upper?  We LOVE this show and it was super fun to go to their store.

They are turning these old silos into their office space. I can only imagine how amazing it looks inside.

At lunch, I turned around and saw this sweet lady.  Elenor and my mom have been best friends since grade school.  She was also with a friend doing the same thing.  Loved getting to hug her neck.

Last weekend, Shawn and Hudson had a men's conference at a local church so Cooper and I had a date night. Dinner and Kung Fu Panda movie it is!

After seeing just about everyone i know get am Instant Pot.....I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  When it arrived......I will admit that I was super nervous to unbox it.  I have visions of blowing my kitchen up.....but I got it out and its really not that bad.  I have made 2 things (I went out of town right after getting it) and both have been amazing.  I have a feeling we will be BFF's soon.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Walking desk and Vision Boards

I've been trying to find some ways to get some exercise in during the day.  We had a piece of board cut and got a couple clamps and turned my treadmill into a walking desk. I spend so much time working on my laptop that I figured I could log in a few miles each day.  Its been great!  I go pretty slow so that I don't get dizzy or fall.....speed 2.0 has been perfect for me.  

I get myself set up with a fan, water, snacks and anything I need for work. 

A couple weeks ago, some sweet friends on my oil team all got together to make vision boards.  We set some personal and work goals for 2016.  It was lots of fun.

Thinking hard!

Its always fun with these ladies around.

Looking for inspiration.

Our finished (or mostly finished) boards.

Last week, Cooper's school had Muffins with Mom.

Hudson has been begging me lately to start watching scary movies.  On Friday night, we had a date night......just the two of us.......and went to see The Boy.  Yep, we jumped a few times.  Super creepy.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Family Cruise

Two days after Christmas, my little family went away for a week long cruise.  This was our Christmas gift to the boys this year.  Other than "santa" gifts, we try to give our kids some experiences instead of a lot of "stuff."  When they were smaller, it was things like water park passes, zoo memberships, art camp, etc.....  Now that they are older and easier to travel with, vacations seem to be a favorite.

Checking out the room and bunkbeds.

At dinner with Hudson.

We docked out of Galveston......and our first stop was Key West.  We decided to just do the trolley excursion so that we could explore the island.  

We stopped of at a wildlife refuge place and the boys enjoyed the talking birds.

And they liked feeding the turtles

Huge iguana

Entertaining himself while waiting on lunch.

We decided against seeing the Hemingway house- long line and not sure the boys would have been interested.

Lots of people riding bikes all around.

You can't go to Key West and not try the Key Lime Pie.

The boys chose normal ice cream cones......

I found some yummy gluten free pie (Shawn had regular)

You always seem some interesting people on the street.

Our next stop was in Freeport, Bahamas.  We had a fun beach day.

Cooper enjoyed the water trampoline.

They had fun building sand castles

Our 3rd stop was in Nassau, Bahamas.....we spent the day at Atlantis.

This was probably my least favorite cruise because 2.5 of the 3 days at sea were very choppy.  We all had motion sickness and felt kinda yuck.

Trying to relax when it wasn't choppy weather.

The boys both made friends and got involved with the kids camp on the ship.....which meant we got a couple nights of kid free dinners.  

New Years Eve dinner

I ordered the lobster and tried to like it.  I just couldn't.  So I ordered the boring chicken breast and ate it all up.

Cooper had a fun afternoon on the ships waterpark slides.

It was fun to sip on wine and people watch.  There are some crazies that end up making fools of themselves on the deck.  So fun to watch though.

Playing bingo.  Didn't win a single thing!

We made reservations the last night at the Steakhouse.  Best dinner of the week (our second favorite was at the Italian restaurant on the first night)  Cruise food is just okay......but these were great!

Officially tired from the week and resting on the ride home.  Glad to get away with my family and unplug for the week!