Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weekend Special

In case you haven't heard, Young Living is rolling out a new kit in June. It's gonna be awesome but it's also gonna be $10 more.  To liquidate the current stock of kits, YL is offering an extra oil (chosen at random) to anyone that buys a Premium Starter kit this weekend (or while supplies last). To sweeten this deal....I have one $20 off voucher so that makes this entire kit only $130 plus tax and shipping instead of $150. 
As always I send you the reference guide book and add you to my private fb group with over 2300 members. What are you waiting for?  Message me today if you want it. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

End of preschool and the ER waiting room

Last Thursday was my last day at preschool.  Forever.  This year has been a bit of a balancing act between working here and working a full time job with Young Living.  My oil business has grown to the point of full time and I felt very pulled all year long. I am really sad because this is such a great place to work.  Sweet friends....awesome families.....precious kids.  But I needed to clean something off of my plate and this was it.  I'm sure going to miss everyone here.  Such a unique place!

Oh my has rained the past month straight.  Its crazy.  There has been so much flooding and chaos because of the rain.  I hate to complain because I know it will be miserably hot before too long......but enough is enough.

Starting to pack for an upcoming trip with sweet boy.  If you travel a lot with kids (or even just yourself) then this is a great book.  It shows you how to stay healthy while traveling.  It has great tips on international flights and hotel stays.  I've got all my supplements, Ningxia Red and oils ready to go.

Someone gave this to my little Cooper.  Made me laugh.  

I had my yearly OB appt yesterday at the same hospital where Jason died.  I've blogged about this before and how hard it is for me.  Thankfully they added on to the hospital and we park around the back side and enter into the Professional Building.  Its mostly dr offices and then there is a hallway that leads to the rest of the hospital.  When I was finished, I stood at the end of this hallway and thought about walking down it.  I feel that I need to go into that ER  waiting room.   I need to sit on that couch and just be for a bit.  But I couldn't take those steps yet.  I'm pretty sure I'll know when I am ready to do that.  For now, I just did the ugly cry on the way to run my errands.  Still wish so much that he was still here.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Oil Pulling...Annie.....Pantry

Have you tried oil pulling yet?  I started a challenge in my private essential oils group on Facebook....where we are trying to oil pull every day for 14 days straight.  I have missed 1 day but am happy that I'm about 8 days in.  Read here to find out the benefits.

Get yourself a good quality coconut oil......

Oh my word.....its rained here almost the entire last 3 weeks and its in our forecast for the next 9 days.  I hate to complain.  Before we know it, it will be miserably hot.  But enough already!

This is the latest on our house.  Fixing the leak.....

.....removing the tented/cracked tile.  The leak is fixed so now we wait 2-3 months to let that dry and set.  Then we are free to get the floor fixed.  We will more than likely put down some type of wood flooring.  Nothing too fancy since we don't intend to stay here more than a year.

Friday night we rented Annie.  I was telling the boys about the original Annie that I watched when I was young.  This movie was okay- the first one can't be beat.  My family was not impressed when I busted out in song.......

So yea.....still dealing with this crazy eczema.  I'm trying SOOOO many things. Diet elimination. NAET procedures.  Probiotics.  Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.  A product to help make my ph more alkaline.  Good quality Omega 3's.....  I'm so over it!!

Took the boys to get hair cuts today.  Got so tickled because Hudson's looked like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber.  He pretty much hates me for the rest of the day when we get hair cuts.  

Not this guy though.  He loves them.

I hate our pantry.  Its not a walk-in.  At the age of 24, I was more concerned that the pantry looked like the rest of my cabinets and I opted out of the walk-in.  Seriously?  Why didn't our builder slap me over the head for that one?  I tackled the craziness today and got it somewhat organized.  I can actually see stuff now.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!

Coupons from my little Cooper

Teapot card

For Mother's Day.......all I wanted was a full day in my room, door closed, in my bed, spending countless/mindless hours in front of my laptop and TV.  It was glorious.

Chocolates and magazines.

Please tell me that I'm not the only one that irons a T-shirt?

On Mother's Day, we went to Shawn's parents house......and spent some time in the closet because of the tornado warnings.  Good times.

Friday night, Hudson had an event at we got alone time with this guy.  Dinner, a trip to Michaels and ice cream were on the list.

A week or so ago we had this random cracking/tenting thing going on at our house. Ugh.  Such a pain.  The great news is that it is NOT our foundation.  We do have a small sewer leak that will be getting fixed this week but even the plumbers do not feel this is related.  This happened one night when we had horrible weather and strong winds.....part of me wonders if it was a small earthquake?  The DFW area has been having some lately.

A huge percentage of our house is tile.....and its all continuous.  Which means that every bit of it will need to be replaced now.  I guess the upside is that our floors will be modern and new when we go to sell next year.  But living in this construction zone for the next few months will not be fun.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Wine Walk

This past weekend, I spent some time with my mom and sister.  Much needed girl time.

Excited to start the day......

Lots of local wineries came and set up booths.  You had 21 tickets and could visit any booth for a taste.  I was told that the 21 tickets equaled about 3.5 glasses of wine.  It was a good day :)


They also had lots of vendors set up....we walked into some of the stores on the square for a little shopping and a break from the heat.  Oh was SOOO hot.

I thought this sign was funny!

I actually did end up getting this one for my night stand.  I have found that I'm a small dreamer when it comes to my YL business.  I'm working on that!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Date Nights and Theaters

A week or so ago, some of my YL team members attended a local training session.  Love my girls!

With my sweet friend Sandi.  Its crazy to think that this very blog is what brought us together.....and YL has created an amazing bond.  I so wish we lived closer so we could see each other on a regular basis.  But we have some exciting things planned this summer. 

Cooper acting silly......and giddy over his TMNT pajamas.

And I'm not really sure what this one is doing.  Or wearing?

Dennis Lee.....aka "Nana Puddin'" came to our preschool last week.  The kids always enjoy it and I'm forever amazed at the ability this man has.  He is an exceptional ventriloquist.

Last weekend, Jason's mom had the boys on Friday night so we had date night.  Dinner and a movie.

I'm pretty sure that the "sit in a comfortable recliner and watch a movie" trend has completely spoiled us rotten.  Will I ever be able to sit in a regular theater again? :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Games, Walks and Easter

A couple of weeks ago we attended a charity event with some friends.

With my sweet friend, Kim.

Tony Evans was the guest speaker.  Great message!

Some of the girls.....

We had game night last weekend and got to play their new game called Stix and Stones.  You choose a word from the card and then you have to create the clues out of the little "sticks and stones" to get your team mate to guess the correct answer.

Somehow my boys can turn any picture into "poop."  Here is Cooper's plunger with poop at the bottom.  Good times.

We are enjoying the parks right now.  Before it's nine hundred degrees too hot to get out.

Cooper checking out the new zip line they built at the park.

Playing catch.

Getting those eggs ready for Easter.

Shawn and I have been trying to walk some in the mornings after we take the boys to school.  Again, enjoying the weather before its too hot to enjoy.  Such a pretty view on this trail.

Makes me laugh.  Our view on our walking trail.

So I've been dealing with a pretty severe case of adult eczema lately. I've never had eczema but it's taken over my body- especially my face and neck lately.  I'm starting some NAET treatments (like we did for Cooper's allergies) to see if I can get to the root of the issue.  Allergy shots and meds only mask the symptoms.  I need to know what is causing this.  My dr says some of it may be stress and emotions.  She feels that this is a result of Jason's death.....just now coming up.  Awesome.  I think part of it is diet- something in my food is messing with me.

I'm getting acupuncture to work on some things.  I tested bad for eggs and chicken last week so thankfully we removed that allergy.  I head back today for another session.  I have to work through all of them until we find the cause.

I decided to do a 3 day juice cleanse last week to see if food was bother me.  I survived and felt that my face was clearing up.  Then on Sat we ate Mexican food with Shawn's family and I"m a complete wreck again.  Ugh.

I planned on skipping the Easter bunny this year.  Sniff Sniff.  But, our church had one and there was no line and it was free.  Okay, next year no bunny pictures........ ha!

With their coveted chocolate Easter bunnies.  Did I mention that my boys had never had a chocolate Easter bunny until Shawn came into the picture.  Now, its a tradition and HE picks them out each year.

Silly boy!

I've always tried to fill their baskets with practical things they need- bathing suit, goggles, flip flops, pajamas.....and then one toy.  They each got some needed items and one Lego kit.

Easter 2015

This cracked me up. We went into the new REI store near us. The boys found a spot to sit and played their ipads the entire time.  How in the world did our parents shop with us when we were little?