Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Las Vegas, Baby!

A couple of weeks ago, Shawn's dad built some shelves for our pantry.  When Jason and I built our house, we had the option of having a small walk-in pantry or a larger cabinet that matched the rest of our cabinets.  The dumb 24 year old me chose the matching cabinets vs. the walk-in pantry.  For the last 15 years, I have wanted to slap said 24 year old me for making that choice.  The cabinets are very deep and there is a TON of wasted space.



By adding another smaller shelf in between, it allows me to use the wasted space better.

It's still not perfect but we are making the best of the space we have.

This is something I do about twice a week- NAET and Acupuncture.  Still working on my eczema.

If you have really bad allergies (either food or airborne) I encourage you to google "NAET" and find a practitioner in your area.

You hold a vial of whatever it is that you are being treated for and basically this sends signals to your body to not see this as foreign.  Kinda hard to explain but it works.

Last Thursday, I flew out to Vegas with 3 of my team members.

Mistee, Me, Kim and Beth.

We attended OolaPalooza.  Basically working on ourselves. Trying to find balance in this unbalanced world.  Lots of soul searching took place this weekend.

Here is the book if you have never read it.  It's awesome.

Talking about "spinning all the plates in life" and how we often don't do them all well.  So true!

One night we got to hang out in the Real World Las Vegas penthouse.  There is a bowling lane....

....and lots of awesome views from the bedroom.

Look at this double shower.  And that bathtub!!!  I could lay in there all night and look at that view!

Sweet friends!

Last day of our Oola seminar.  With the authors.

Eating dinner and bonding with my girls.

This was a quote that was shared this weekend.  I love it!

So thankful I got to get away and work on myself.  Its quite eye opening when you see there are lots of areas you lack in.  I wrote lots of goals and hope to find better balance in my life.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Boys Boys

Last week, I started doing the ionic foot baths at my acupuncturists office.  Hoping this detox will help with my skin issues.

After 30 minutes, the water is so gross!

They have this sign on the wall in the room I was in. Made me laugh.

Found this Clif Bar the other day at the store.  So good!

Last weekend was rainy and yuck outside.  Every once in a while, I start collecting boxes and then on days like this.......

I dump them on the floor and give the boys scissors and tape and let them start creating. They love it.

Hudson is still in cross country. I wasn't feeling great this day so I followed him around the neighborhood in my car.

My little Cooper is so creative!  He has a fingerprint art book and the other day I found this General Grievous guy in the kitchen.

When my dad was in town, he bought the boys a Lego kit.  Cooper was so excited to make it!  Getting a little help from Shawn.

All done.

We are finally at the point where we can get our floors fixed.  We got some bids this week and will be making some selections next week and get the ball rolling.  I am so ready to have normal floors again- without this huge hole in my tile.  We plan to update our master bath as well.  Lots of updates coming up!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Praying Parent

I mentioned that a week or so ago, I made beef broth for the first time.  I don't make a ton of things that call for beef broth but since we got the bones for free......I wanted to make it and then find something to do with it.  I found this awesome recipe for Pasta e Fagioli soup and it called for plenty of broth.  Yall, my family went nuts.  It had the deepest beef flavoring and I give full credit to the broth (even tho I am confident this is an awesome recipe)  So, if you are tempted to try your hand at making your own broth then please do it!  Its so easy!

My dad came in town for several days and spent some time with us.

Went to a birthday lunch on Monday for a sweet friend.....and she picked sushi.  I am not a sushi lover.  I ordered California rolls (rolled tight and cut thin) and I managed to eat quite a bit of it.  I have heard from many that this is an acquired taste.  Hmmmm....

I just finished my first chapter for the Bible study I'm in right now.  Wow, wow, wow.  This has me so fired up about praying for my boys.

Have you seen this movie yet?  We took the boys and my dad to see it on Sunday and it was really good. I believe in the power of prayer!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Run Hudson Run

I've mentioned some of my skin/eczema issues on here and a friend told me about these bean "pasta" noodles so when I found them at Sprouts the other day, I was curious to try them out.  I had some homemade marinara sauce in the freezer from a meal I made a few weeks ago, so I defrosted that and made this for lunch.

Here are the nutritional facts.....

It doesn't look amazing but it tasted pretty good.  It was a bit chewier than regular pasta but it still made me feel that I was eating regular pasta.

At Hudson's new school, he had to start athletics......and if you know us in real life then you know that Hudson doesn't have an athletic bone in his body.  Bless his heart.  In the past, we have tried soccer, karate, golf.....he hasn't been interested in any of it.  He's at the age where I feel he needs this if nothing more than for his overall health.  His choices this semester were football or cross country.  Since he is not a contact sports kid, we felt cross country was the way to go.  He does not love running.  He is not great at running.  Yet.  I feel he could be wonderful if he really put his heart and mind to it.  He has long legs....and a runners build.  The first few weeks have been a big adjustment for him- running a couple miles ever day....but I pray he gets there.  I pray he learns to love it.

He had his first meet on Wednesday.  We told him that we didn't care if he finished first or last......we just wanted him to finish.

He definitely wasn't first and thankfully not very last.....

Love my boy!

I'm really excited to be starting this Bible study with some friends.  One of my friends has hosted a Bible study for several years but I could never participate because it always fell on a Thursday and I had preschool.  Now that I'm not teaching, I am actually able to go and this time we are reading the book called Power of a Praying Parent.  Good grief.....I feel that I need this in such a huge way.  I want to be better at praying specifically for Hudson and Cooper.

I've never been a big energy drink person but I'm excited to try Young Living's new drink called Zyng.  Yesterday, I grabbed one on my way out the door to get the boys from school.  The afternoon slump had set in and I was fighting the urge to nod off in the car while I waited.  I drank this and it was so refreshing!  I loved that it didn't make me jittery and it wasn't too much.  No crashes afterwards.  

Here is just a little comparison for those of you that do drink energy drinks:

I also got this book the other day and am excited to read it.  Young Living grows Einkorn....and its great for those with gluten/wheat sensitivities. We ate some of the spaghetti a few weeks ago and it was good.  I just got the Einkorn flour and waffle mix.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September Promotion

I love offering incentives for my friends that order a starter kit from me.  There are just so many awesome things that I want you to try.....so I like to switch it up a bit each month.

In the month of September....if you purchase this premium starter kit from me:
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......you have TWO choices.

#1.  This combo pack.  I include this black travel bag that will hold all of your oils.  This allows you to keep them tucked in a drawer until needed each day or it allows you to take them in your purse or bag so that you are never without them.  I am also including an empty roller bottle (so you can fill it with your favorite blend), a premade/ready to use Fall room spray (recipe listed below), an empty bottle to hold your favorite carrier oil, and an empty nasal sprayer.  (I will also include a nasal spray recipe that includes oils from this starter kit.  It will help with maintaining a healthy respiratory system)

Friends.....this room spray smells awesome.  Perfectly safe and healthy for your sweet family.

#2.  The other option is $25 cash back to cover your tax and shipping costs.  This will be mailed to you when I send the reference guide book.

As always.....I send you a reference guide book so that you know exactly how to use these awesome oils.  I have a private FB group that you will be added to as well.  Our team is amazingly supportive and helpful and I'm confident it will be a life changing resource for you!

I know that some of you are skeptical.  And that's okay.  Sweet boy was too......and now I think it's safe to say that he loves them more than I do.

And I hear people say they don't have the money......but then I see them post about a new bag they just bought or how they got a manicure and pedicure the other day ($45+)  This is honestly the best money I've ever spent on my family's health.  This kit will support all of your body systems and your immunity will never be stronger.  Now is the perfect time to give them a try.

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