Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Date Nights and Theaters

A week or so ago, some of my YL team members attended a local training session.  Love my girls!

With my sweet friend Sandi.  Its crazy to think that this very blog is what brought us together.....and YL has created an amazing bond.  I so wish we lived closer so we could see each other on a regular basis.  But we have some exciting things planned this summer. 

Cooper acting silly......and giddy over his TMNT pajamas.

And I'm not really sure what this one is doing.  Or wearing?

Dennis Lee.....aka "Nana Puddin'" came to our preschool last week.  The kids always enjoy it and I'm forever amazed at the ability this man has.  He is an exceptional ventriloquist.

Last weekend, Jason's mom had the boys on Friday night so we had date night.  Dinner and a movie.

I'm pretty sure that the "sit in a comfortable recliner and watch a movie" trend has completely spoiled us rotten.  Will I ever be able to sit in a regular theater again? :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Games, Walks and Easter

A couple of weeks ago we attended a charity event with some friends.

With my sweet friend, Kim.

Tony Evans was the guest speaker.  Great message!

Some of the girls.....

We had game night last weekend and got to play their new game called Stix and Stones.  You choose a word from the card and then you have to create the clues out of the little "sticks and stones" to get your team mate to guess the correct answer.

Somehow my boys can turn any picture into "poop."  Here is Cooper's plunger with poop at the bottom.  Good times.

We are enjoying the parks right now.  Before it's nine hundred degrees too hot to get out.

Cooper checking out the new zip line they built at the park.

Playing catch.

Getting those eggs ready for Easter.

Shawn and I have been trying to walk some in the mornings after we take the boys to school.  Again, enjoying the weather before its too hot to enjoy.  Such a pretty view on this trail.

Makes me laugh.  Our view on our walking trail.

So I've been dealing with a pretty severe case of adult eczema lately. I've never had eczema but it's taken over my body- especially my face and neck lately.  I'm starting some NAET treatments (like we did for Cooper's allergies) to see if I can get to the root of the issue.  Allergy shots and meds only mask the symptoms.  I need to know what is causing this.  My dr says some of it may be stress and emotions.  She feels that this is a result of Jason's death.....just now coming up.  Awesome.  I think part of it is diet- something in my food is messing with me.

I'm getting acupuncture to work on some things.  I tested bad for eggs and chicken last week so thankfully we removed that allergy.  I head back today for another session.  I have to work through all of them until we find the cause.

I decided to do a 3 day juice cleanse last week to see if food was bother me.  I survived and felt that my face was clearing up.  Then on Sat we ate Mexican food with Shawn's family and I"m a complete wreck again.  Ugh.

I planned on skipping the Easter bunny this year.  Sniff Sniff.  But, our church had one and there was no line and it was free.  Okay, next year no bunny pictures........ ha!

With their coveted chocolate Easter bunnies.  Did I mention that my boys had never had a chocolate Easter bunny until Shawn came into the picture.  Now, its a tradition and HE picks them out each year.

Silly boy!

I've always tried to fill their baskets with practical things they need- bathing suit, goggles, flip flops, pajamas.....and then one toy.  They each got some needed items and one Lego kit.

Easter 2015

This cracked me up. We went into the new REI store near us. The boys found a spot to sit and played their ipads the entire time.  How in the world did our parents shop with us when we were little?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Our March

The boys both have March birthdays so this year we combined parties and had it at an arcade place near our house.  Cooper is 9 and Hudson is 12.

Money and gift cards are way easier.

Cooper's school had its annual carnival a couple weekends ago.  The boys are racing to stack cups.

Getting face painted.

Tired of the face paint. ;)

Loving this spring weather!  Fun day at the park.

Getting a little exercise while we play.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Las Vegas

I got invited to attend a Young Living/Oola conference in Las Vegas last week.  The conference was a bit about oils but a LOT about balance (balancing the 7 main areas of life)  It was awesome.

I had my very own room at the Hard Rock Hotel.

My view at lunch while I "worked."

Doing a little sight seeing.....

We saw this awesome show.  If you are in Vegas then I highly recommend it.

Getting to know some new friends.

I always travel with my diffuser and oils.  I diffuse and spray everything down (remotes, door knobs, my sheets, etc.....)

One of our conference days, we got a private concert from Danny Gokey.  It was great.  And his story is bittersweet, much like mine.  He lost his wife in 2008 after complications of a heart surgery.  He is remarried with 2 kids.  I love seeing how God works in the lives of those that put their full trust in Him.

Super sweet guy!

If you don't have this book, get it.  You can find the Kindle version even cheaper.  This book helps you gain balance in the 7 areas of life.  I discovered that I am WAY out of balance.

Oola and Young Living have partnered together and there are 7 oils now to help enhance those key areas.....

We got to "play" while there too.  Catered even in the penthouse suite of the Hard Rock.  This is where Real World Las Vegas was filmed.  We are sitting in the bathtub.....can you see this amazing view?  There was a bowling alley in the suite too!

View from  my room.

The last night there, we took a limo tour of the city.

Picture by the famous LV sign.....

So so blessed to "work" for a company that allows me the financial freedom and flexibility to participate in trips like this :)