Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Fun!

The boys with Santa  They look so huge to me all of a sudden.

Last weekend I had my annual Christmas dinner with my college roommates.  We have been doing this for years.....we didn't start the first year out because we were a bit scattered locationally but we started a couple years after that.  So thankful for these girls.

Clowning around at Cooper's school Christmas party.

Making an ornament

Love my little guy

I'm quite impressed with myself.  I have yet to forget to move our elf, Cronko.  I'm not nearly as creative as many of my friends are.....and I choose to NOT have him create messes or havoc at our house but we do try to have some fun with him.  They love finding him every morning.

Anyone want to snowball fight?

I couldn't resist.  Having boys means you have little gimicky items like this around the house.

Minecraft Santa

Celebrating Christmas with Shawn's family.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Catching Up

Just realized I never posted our Halloween pictures.

Having fun at our church Fall Festival.

Fun rides

Grammy came too

The Headless Horseman (Cooper) and a Phantom (Hudson)

After Trick-or-Treating, Hudson wanted to rush home and pass out candy.

Ugh......way too much!

They opened a Moviehouse & Eatery near our house.....we decided to give it a try.

Individual leather reclining seats, food, and a movie?  We are officially spoiled.


One day, Cooper and I had to leave the house to get Hudson from tutoring.  I told him to get some shoes on and he grabbed his house shoes.  In the car, he said "I hear that old men, who are not married or anything, wear these."  Hahahaha......so funny!

My sister had Hudson over one Friday night to spend the night so it was just Cooper at home with us. He LOVED being the center of attention.  After dinner, we climbed into our bed and watched Planet of the Apes.  He asked if Hudson could stay gone another night.  :)  Little stinker!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Shawn and I headed to Colorado for several days.  Here we are eating lunch one day.....I am so jealous of these views.

Driving to Estes

We ate lunch at Mama Rose's and shopped at all the cute shops on the strip.  Such fun!

This little guy lost a tooth today.  He's pretty excited.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favorites

1.  Switch Witch

I've been doing the "switch witch" tradition since the boys were little.  And it's still a favorite around here.  The idea is to get all the excess candy out of your house after Halloween.  As you know, I'm pretty picky about sugar and we never have candy laying around our house.  However, I do allow my boys to be boys during Halloween.  They trick or treat and come home with way too much candy and that night, we sit around the table and pig out on candy.  I let them eat way too much for a few days and get their fix.....then  I allow them to pick 5-6 of their favorite pieces and then the rest goes into a big bag.  We place that bag on the porch for the Switch Witch.....who comes by and takes the candy and replaces it with something fun for the boys.  I have it easy....having 2 boys that like the same things right now.  This is not meant to break the bank.  Nothing to stress over but you want to provide something that helps them not miss the candy.  In the past, they have gotten Star Wars Clone Wars season DVD's (something they can use for a long time )  A few weeks ago I overheard them talking about this movie and I knew it was something they would both like.

So this morning, the Switch Witch took our candy (thank you Lord) and left us this movie.  Perfect for a movie night with my boys!

2.  Kismet Bag

A couple of months ago, my friend had a NoonDay party.  If you are not familiar with the story then I recommend that you check them out.  I love knowing that my purchase supports people in other countries that need a job.  It's a great ministry.  Anyways, I bought this bag and I love it!

3.  Handprint/footprint pottery

Even though decorating for the fall is hard for me.....one of my favorite things to set out are these custom pottery pieces with my boys footprints on them. I have a couple for Halloween, a big one for Thanksgiving and a few for the Christmas/winter season.  I handle them with such care because they can't be replaced.  My boys are growing up so fast! :(

4.  Vanilla Cookie Spread

If you've ever been to Trader Joe's then I'm sure you have tried their famous Cookie Butter spread.   Oh my.  It's been a LONG time since I've had it but the other day while in Kroger I saw this spread.  While it does contain real sugar and all that.....at least it is free of the high fructose corn syrup and all those yucky artificial ingredients.  My favorite way to eat this is by the spoon by dipping pretzel sticks so that you get the mix of sweet and salty.  Go get this.....but you have definitely been warned.

5.  Mary & Martha mug

So, I'm thinking I may have already posted about this but I'm too lazy to go back and check.  Either way, this mug is precious and deserves its moment in the spotlight.  Sometimes I need these gentle reminders.

My friend Abbey can hook you up with some really great scripture/faith pieces for your home and kitchen.

6.  Fall bouquets.

Sweet boy brought this home the other night.  I love the warm colors and the woven basket.  A nice change from your typical roses or tulips.

Happy Friday!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Anniversary- 2 Years

Two years ago today, sweet boy and I said "I do."

Sort of crazy to think about all we have done in just 2 short years.

Beyond thankful.

On Saturday, my mom offered to come keep the boys at our house so that we could get away for the night.  We had a simple little staycation (because we are going away in a few weeks) that was much needed.

We saw a movie.....

We ate dinner on the patio....enjoyed the cool air, this very talented guy playing music.....sipping on wine and catching up.

Yummy food!

We stayed at this hotel.....which is surrounded by lots of shopping, a movie theater, and several restaurants.  Once we got here, we didn't leave the area.

I enjoyed a nice hot bath with no interruptions (or knocks on the door from 2 little boys asking a question)

Enjoyed some coffee and a bagel in bed for breakfast.....

Then off to a couple's massage.

Today I am reflecting on my life....the blessings I have experienced the last 2 years with Shawn.  Today I am thankful.