Saturday, August 1, 2015

We will play while the boys are away.......

I tried to stay busy while the boys were gone.  I missed them so much!!

My sister gave us a gift certificate to this place in Grapevine for Christmas and we finally got around to using it.  This place is awesome.  Great food, great wine.......

The cheese plate.


Pesto pasta

Steak and potatoes.

We had fun eating at some neat places this week.

I had some organizational projects on my list this week.  Ugh....pulled it out and then decided I wasn't having fun.

So sweet boy and I went to the pool instead!  No did get finished.  

My friend, Tammie, is a therapist at the camp the boys attended.  She sent me a text telling me they were having fun.

Date night with my sister and brother-in-law, David.  No kids.  Wine and food. Hours of catching up.  Great night!

I saw this on FB the other day.  This is one way this lady organizes her food and she lets her kids pic from each basket to create their own lunch.  Pretty smart idea.  How do you plan and pack lunches?  And good recipes to share?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Feeling caught up

I'm finally starting to feel caught up on the blog.  All the trips are posted and now its just playing catch up here at home. Here is what we have been up to:

Hudson's ortho told me about 6 months ago that there was a big chance he might need to get some permanent teeth pulled.  He tried to move some teeth around but in the end......Hudson inherited my big teeth and small mouth.  As a kid, I got several teeth pulled too so I was almost expecting it.  

He was really nervous about the procedure.  Will it hurt?  What does the laughing gas feel like?  He got 4 teeth pulled this day.  I hope it gives his mouth more room and allows him to close his mouth better.  His lips are always chapped and the dentist said he feels that he probably sleeps with his mouth open and it keeps his lips constantly dry.

On the way home he was still kinda out of it.  His mouth and chin were numb.  I tried to get a pic.....but he wasn't have it.  So funny!

The next day, Cooper went just to get a routine cleaning.

I finally got to use a pedicure gift card that a friend gave me.

I have reaaaaallllly been trying to give up coffee.  It's not the coffee itself that is bad for me.  Its the creamer.  I've tried making my own (found good recipes on Pinterest) or using coconut/almond milk but its just not the same.  I ran out a couple of months ago and decided to not buy it anymore.  Such a sad day.  I still wake up wanting some.....and occasionally I bend and get some but I'm WAY down from what I used to drink.  I'm hoping to jump on the hot tea bandwagon.

Girls night out!  I am trying to be more intentional with my friendships.  I am trying to get better about spending time with friends. It's important to me.

Took the boys to get physicals last week.  Okay, so I knew that Hudson was looking me straight in the eyes when we would stand and talk but I think I refused to say that he was actually taller than me.  At his physical, he was 5'6.....making him officially taller than me.  Sad day.  I need these guys to slow it down!

Yesterday, we dropped the boys off for their third and final week at grief camp.  This camp is much so that every kid wants to go every year.  Because of space issues, they had to implement a 3 year rule.  Each kid can come 3 years.  My boys are already sad that this is their last summer.  They love it.  It's hot and sweaty and about 80% is like regular camp.  The rest of the time is spent in "group" where they work through their grief and talk about the death.  It's an emotionally exhausting week for them.....but they love it.  It's the only place where other gets "get it."

This crazy/wobbly bridge.

Hudson with his cabin buddies.

Cooper with his.

I'm praying that they have an amazing week and that God does big things in them.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Gold Retreat- Spokane, Washington

After returning home from our family trip to Yellowstone/Tetons.....I was home for a day and then I set out for Spokane, Washington for the Young Living Gold Retreat.  They put us up in the brand new Davenport Grande Hotel.  Very nice!

This big bed all to myself!!

Our hotel was right across from the Riverfront Park.  I decided to do some exploring after I got there. 

Kinda hard to grasp the size of this but this wagon is huge.  The big handle is a slide and there are monkey bars under the wagon.  So cute!

Tons of pretty flowers

I decided to ride the little gondola to check out the views.

The official Gold retreat sign.

Young Living is so generous on these trips.  Its always a highlight to see what will be inside the swag bag.  I was so excited to finally get Melissa oil.....and I love all the others too!

Reconnecting with a friend I met on the Leadership cruise in June.

Another sweet friend, Julie.....that we met on the cruise.  So nice to have some familiar faces :)

The Ningxia Red bar is always a favorite.

We loaded up on the buses and made the hour or so drive to the St. Maries, Idaho farm.

Super excited to be here!  Its beautiful.

The lodge.

See all those plants?  That is fresh Melissa.....waiting to go into the cookers.

Touring the distillery.  I love getting to see the Seed to Seal process firsthand.  Do you know any other essential oil companies that allow you to do this?  

They gave us a little baggie and let us pick some fresh lavender to take home.

Awww, smells divine. 

Jumping in the lavender fields.  That is totally normal, right?

The greenhouse.

Listening to the owner, Gary Young, share stories.  You can see and hear his passion for these products every time he talks.

One advantage to being in the hotel room service and not having to share :)

The next day we did a river float down the Spokane River.  Lots of fun.

I enjoyed meeting new friends and taking in this amazing scenery.

On our last night, they hosted a farewell dinner for us.  With more Ningxia Red than you could even consume.  Pretty sure I drank half of a bottle that night.  Tons of antioxidants!!


A little night out on the town with friends......

Catching up on my blog from my hotel room.....waiting for my shuttle to the airport.

This was an amazing trip.  In fact, this has been an amazing/whirlwind of a summer so far.  Young Living has paid for and sent me on 3 awesome brand new places.....and I am forever grateful.  This is the last of the big trips this summer (more set for the fall) so I'm ready to get home and enjoy my boys!